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Employment at Will     Harassment     Problem Solving Procedure     Substance Abuse Testing
Progressive Discipline     Office and Desk Inspection   Acceptable Use of Human Resources
Travel and Entertainment    Reference Requests     Attendance    Upon Leaving Employee Handbook Website    Severance Pay

While we hope our relationship will be mutually beneficial, it should be recognized that neither you nor Employee Handbook Website has entered into any contract of employment for a definite term, express or implied. Your employment with Employee Handbook Website is voluntary. Just as you voluntarily chose to work here, you are free to resign. Similarly, Employee Handbook Website is free to conclude the employment relationship at any time, with our without cause, and with or without notice. The relationship between employee and employer is at-will. While the
other policies in this handbook are subject to change with or without notice, this at-will relationship can be changed only by a written agreement expressly for that purpose, signed by the CEO.          top


Employee Handbook Website is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. In keeping with this commitment, Employee Handbook Website maintains a strict policy prohibiting all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment and harassment based on race, national or ethnic origin, gender, religious beliefs, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. This policy, unlike the other policies listed in this handbook, extends to all employer agents and employees. This includes all employees, temporary employees, leased employees and other professional service providers. Furthermore, it prohibits harassment in any form including verbal, non-verbal and physical harassment. 

Sexual harassment may include, but is not limited to, making unwanted sexual advances and requests for sexual favors where either
(1) submission to such conduct is made an explicit or implicit term or condition of employment;
(2) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual; or
(3) such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

Employees who violate any part of this policy are subject to discipline up to and including the possibility of immediate discharge.
Any employee who believes he or she has been harassed should promptly report the facts of the incident or incidents and the names of the individuals involved to the Human Resources Department. It is the responsibility of each employee to immediately report any violation or suspected violation of this policy to Human Resources. Additionally, supervisors and managers should immediately report any incidents of harassment to Human Resources. The Human Resources Department will promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints of harassment. Appropriate corrective action, including disciplinary action, will be taken when warranted.         top


We hope that you will have an enjoyable association with us throughout your tenure. Nevertheless, we know that everyone, from time to time, will experience the frustrations and growing pains that accompany a successful career. There may be times when you feel you are not being given the attention or feedback you deserve or, occasions may arise when you feel your workload is too heavy or is not balanced enough. Whatever the concern, we encourage you to speak with us to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible. Most problems can be resolved simply and fairly, or avoided entirely, if we learn of them promptly. If you want a prompt resolution to your problem, please discuss it when it happens. Feel free to speak with your direct manager, the Human Resources Department, General Counsel, and/or CEO. Nothing in this problem solving procedure is intended to create an express or implied agreement that alters the employment-at-will relationship that exists.     top



Employee Handbook Website maintains a strict policy against the use of unlawful drugs while at work or while on company premises. To facilitate the administration and enforcement of this policy, the Employee Handbook Website may require or request employees to submit to drug or substance abuse testing under certain circumstances.
In cases where an employee’s manager has reasonable suspicion to believe that the employee possesses or is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and such use or influence may adversely affect the employee’s job performance, or the safety of the employee or co-workers, alcohol and/or drug screening may be ordered. This suspicion must be based on any objective symptoms, such as factors related to the employee’s appearance, behavior, speech and/or other facts. If an employee is on medically prescribed medication, it is the employee’s responsibility to advise his/her supervisor of this fact before he or she reports to work.
Testing may also be required if an employee is found to be in possession of physical evidence – either on their person or at their work station - that could be connected with the use of an illicit drug. Such evidence includes, but is not limited to drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol. It should be emphasized that possession of drugs or alcohol on Employee Handbook Website property is prohibited whether or not it is determined that the employee also used such substances.          top



Employee Handbook Website must retain the ability to discipline employees where it determines that such action is warranted. Although all employment relationships are terminable at-will, at any time, either at the employee’s option or at the option of the company, Employee Handbook Website may exercise its discretion to administer a system of progressive discipline in cases where it deems it appropriate. That system may include various forms of discipline, such as a verbal counseling, one or more written notices, and termination. However, progressive discipline is not mandatory or binding. The company reserves the right to deviate from any formal system of discipline.          top



Employee Handbook Website has attempted to provide you with a comfortable and efficient office work area. If you believe you need additional supplies or equipment to assist you in your work, or any changes for safety or ergonomic reasons, please inform the Facilities Manager. We will try to accommodate your requests.
Additionally, while we respect your privacy, there may be instances when we will need to search work areas, desk drawers or computer directories -- for example, to search for a missing file or to investigate possible problem. Business property and equipment, provided to you to do your work, is not private and Employee Handbook Website may have access when necessary.
Prohibited materials, including weapons, explosives, alcohol, illegal drugs or substances, and sexually suggestive materials may not be placed in an office or desk. Employees, who, if requested, fail to cooperate in any inspection, will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination. Employee Handbook Website is not responsible for any articles that are placed or left in an office or desk that are lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed.          top



Employee Handbook Website has established this Internet, Intranet, e-mail, and electronic communication policy in an effort to make certain that employees utilize electronic communications devices in a legal, ethical, and appropriate manner. We have devised this policy in a manner that addresses the company's legal responsibilities and concerns regarding the fair and proper use of all electronic communications devices within the company.

Scope of Policy
This policy extends to all features of the company's electronic communications systems, including all computing equipment, (hardware and software), networking equipment,, connections to the Internet, and all voice and video equipment, i.e. any form of electronic communication used by employees currently or in the future.. All employees of Employee Handbook Website are subject to this policy and are expected to read, understand, and comply fully with its provisions.

Standards and Rules

It may not be possible to identify every standard and rule applicable to the use of electronic communications devices. Employees are therefore encouraged to utilize sound judgment whenever using any feature of the communications systems. In order to offer employees some guidance, the following principles and standards should be clearly understood and followed:

  1. The company's policy against harassment, including sexual harassment, extends to the use of computers, the Internet, and any component of the communications systems. In keeping with that policy, employees should not use any electronic communications device in a manner that would violate that policy.

  2. The company's anti-discrimination policies extend to the use communications systems. Any employee who uses any electronic communications device in any manner that violates the company's anti-discrimination policies or commitment to equal employment opportunity will therefore be subject to disciplinary action, including the possibility of immediate termination.

  3. Employees may not use an electronic communications device for a purpose that is found to constitute, in the company's sole and absolute discretion, a commercial use that is not for the direct and immediate benefit of the company or that is competitive to the interests of the company

  4. Employees may not use any electronic communications device in a manner that violates the trademark, copyright, or license rights of any other person, entity or organization.

  5. Employees should identify all communications as "privileged and confidential" when it is accurate and appropriate to do so. In this manner, the company can assert any protections, privileges and rights relating to communications if it becomes necessary to do so.

Employee Handbook Website must retain the right and ability to enforce policy and to monitor compliance with its terms. While computers and other electronic devices are made accessible to employees to assist them in performing their jobs and to promoting the company's interests, all computers and electronic devices, must remain fully accessible to the company, and will remain the property of Employee Handbook Website.
Again, while we respect the privacy of your working environment, Employee Handbook Website retains the right to gain access to any information received by, transmitted by, or stored in any such electronic communications device, either with or without an employee's knowledge, consent or approval.

Telephone Monitoring

Company telephone lines are limited and are designed only for business use. Personal phone calls should be kept to a minimum. All personal long-distance calls must be charged to your home phone or credit card.

Compliance is Essential
Employees who violate any respect of this policy or who demonstrate poor judgment in the manner in which they use electronic communications devices will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including the possibility of immediate termination. Employees who have any questions regarding this policy should bring them to the immediate attention of the Human Resources Department.     top

Employee Handbook Website recognizes that travel and entertainment expenses are sometimes incurred in order to further our business objectives, and therefore, when reasonable and appropriate, these expenses may be reimbursed by the company. Expenses must be submitted for reimbursement within 3 months of being incurred, or they will not be reimbursed. Upon termination, employees must submit all expenses for reimbursement within 30 days of their departure. Without exception, expenses submitted outside those time frames will not be reimbursed. Employees should refer to the Travel and Entertainment policy for further information and guidelines     top

In an effort to protect and respect every member of the Employee Handbook Website community, employees should refrain from providing information on their fellow employees to any outside entity. An employee who receives a request for information concerning a past or present employee should redirect inquiries to Human Resources. Human Resources will normally verify an employee's dates of employment, and position or positions held. A written disclosure authorization and release is required before any information regarding salary is furnished.
Strict adherence to this policy is required. Any violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination.     top

Employee Handbook Website's success depends on the ability for all employees to work as a team. Every person's contribution is needed on a daily basis, so it is important that everyone maintain regular and punctual attendance. Therefore, absenteeism and tardiness must be kept to a minimum. If an employee is unable to report for work, he or she should notify his or her manager prior to the start of the workday. Unreported and excessive absences or chronic tardiness may result in disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.
If an employee is absent for three days without notifying his or her manager, it is assumed that the employee has abandoned his or her position with Employee Handbook Website, and is considered to have voluntarily resigned.     top

UPON LEAVING Employee Handbook Website
Should you wish to resign your employment, we request that you notify your manager at least two weeks in advance. This will enable us to arrange for a replacement. You may be asked at that time to give us an evaluation of your employment with us. We hope this constructive exchange will help us identify any areas that need further attention to provide the best possible work environment.

Employee Handbook Website does not maintain a formal severance pay policy or provide severance pay to employees who separate from its employ for any reason. Severance pay should therefore not be expected. However, the company reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy in its sole and absolute discretion.     top



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